VACB Acting Board of Directors Member Job Description

Basic Function
Support the operations of the Verona Area Concert Band by providing mission‐ and vision‐based leadership and governance. Assist in day‐to‐day operational tasks, act as a partner to other board members, and establish relationships with VACB members. Appropriate involvement on the board is both critical and expected.

Being an acting member of the VACB Board of Directors is a two year commitment, at the end of which you may run again for re-election. However, you may resign at any time during your tenure by giving written notice to the remaining members of the Board.

Specific Responsibilities Include

  • Attending bi‐monthly Board Meetings on scheduled Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:30pm.
  • Voting for motions that require approval.
  • Participating in the majority of VACB social functions.
  • Actively participating in the VACB as a performing member a minimum of 3 of 4 concerts per season
  • Actively participating in furthering the mission and vision of the VACB through the Annual Meeting and Yearly Retreat
  • Fostering the culture and environment
  • Owning, driving, coordinating and assisting with assorted operational duties.

Average Monthly Time Commitment
10 hours, almost all situated around VACB rehearsals and performances. Expected time commitment will vary based on where we are in the concert cycle, and each individual’s responsibilities.

Board of Directors Application